Video Documentary Series

Mini-documentaries on the N5 Ballaghaderreen to Scramoge Road Project. Each video lasts around 5 minutes and describes various stages of the excavations and fieldwork.

Forestry Excavation

As part of the N5 Road Project in Co Roscommon, AMS were required to test 78ha of felled forestry. Once the trees were felled and removed, the stumps were extracted by a specialist stump harvester.

Palaeobotany near Ballaghcullia

Palaeobotanists study the plants that grew in the past. Palaeobotanists from National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) visited Roscommon last summer and took a core from a bog near Ballaghcullia.

Neolithic Axe

Archaeologists working at Shankill found a Neolithic stone axehead that is over 5,000 years old and was made from a very specific type of stone called Langdale tuff.

Metal Working at Shankill

At Shankill, a site reputably founded by St Patrick, archaeologists have uncovered traces of early medieval agriculture, burial and a forge.

Fulachtaí Fia (Burnt Mounds)

Burnt mounds, or fullachtaí fia, are one of the commonest types of sites found by archaeologists working on projects in Ireland.

Medieval Coin at Gortnacrannagh

Gortnacranagh is a medieval site. These coins date from the era of Edward I or II. This coin is a silver penny.


Souterrains are underground, stone-lined passages dating from the early medieval period. At Killeen East we found a number of souterrains inside a rath (ringfort).