Archaeological Management Solutions Ltd provides high quality EIA (Cultural Heritage), Archaeological Consultancy and Archaeological Clerk of Works roles across the UK. 

We are looking for competent, experienced archaeologists who can work well as part of a team and on their own initiative. These roles are for organised, reliable individuals who enjoy problem solving. 

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Archaeological Clerk of Works (ACoW)

Role Overview

Be responsible for the provision of professional advice to the relevant project team on the progress of archaeological programmes across a range of infrastructural projects such as road, rail, flood relief projects etc. The ACoW needs to ensure that the money is being spent efficiently. 

The ACoW will also monitor the relevant contractor/s compliance with their contractual obligations to ensure that the particular scheme complies with all archaeological and historic environment legislation, policy and consents throughout the relevant phases of a project. 

The role requires working closely with key suppliers and stakeholders across a range of infrastructural projects. 

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