Role: Archaeological Consultants

Screening Reports and Archaeological Monitoring

Water Network Programme

Client: Jacobs and Farrans on behalf of Irish Water

Over the course of the last two years AMS has prepared numerous Archaeological and Architectural Heritage Screening Reports (upwards of 100), developed mitigation strategies and monitored archaeologically sensitive areas/zones for schemes forming part of the nationwide Water Network Programme (WNP)  being undertaken by Irish Water.

Project Scope

In 2018 Irish Water commenced a nationwide Water Network Programme to upgrade/replace water mains and lay new water mains across the country. These works, which largely involve small-scale schemes ranging in length from 500m–1.5km are to be completed over the next six years.

AMS have been engaged by Jacobs on behalf of Irish Water over this six-year period to prepare Archaeological Screening Reports for schemes located in eight counties (Donegal, Monaghan, Cavan, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon, Galway and Sligo) and also within and around Galway City. In addition to this, AMS have also been commissioned by Farrans to carry out licenced archaeological monitoring for schemes identified as having a risk/potential for the presence of previously unrecorded sub-surface remains.

Consideration Factors

A large proportion of the works take place within historical town cores, as well as in rural areas within rich archaeological landscapes where there is the potential for the presence of previously unknown archaeological remains (both above and below ground). In urban areas in particular there is also the potential for upstanding recorded heritage located in close proximity to works that may require the implementation of appropriate measures to protect them during on-site works.

Key considerations are identifying the potential/level of risk for previously unrecorded sub-surface archaeological remains and the location of recorded upstanding remains in order to implement appropriate mitigation measures.

Project Outcomes

To date AMS has assessed upwards of 100 water mains schemes, identifying potential impacts on the archaeological and architectural heritage resource and implementing appropriate mitigation measures including archaeological monitoring and preservation by record. Works have included:

  • Assessment of the baseline heritage (archaeological and architectural) environment.
  • Assessment of the level of risk for the presence of previously unknown archaeological remains, both above and below ground.
  • Design and implementation of appropriate mitigation measures to offset any identified impacts.
  • Licenced monitoring of areas identified as archaeologically sensitive; preservation by record of any identified archaeological remains or preservation in situ where feasible.
  • Advise on appropriate mitigation to protect upstanding heritage located in close proximity to proposed works e.g. from machine movements, noise vibration etc.