Project Archaeology

The New Children’s Hospital,
St James, Dublin

This project is within the grounds of the existing St James’s Hospital in Dublin. The hospital under development is of national strategic importance and aims to deliver a world-class facility to care for sick children and young people from all over Ireland.

As the Project Archaeologists, we are responsible for overseeing the archaeological aspects of the preliminary site works. This includes test excavations.

We also carried out additional research into the history of the site to assist with the planning and interpretation of the archaeological testing, and to determine if any subsequent testing or excavations would be required. We discovered the site was previously occupied by the workhouse of the South Dublin Union (a battlefield during the Easter Rising of 1916). Prior to this, it was also the Dublin Foundling Hospital and Poorhouse.

Using the new information, we were able to match building remains with historical records and assign functions, lifecycles and important historical milestones to the archaeological remains. The information was also used to ensure that the archaeological testing strategy delivered value for money by remaining focused and targeted.