Role: Archaeological Contractor

N69 Listowel Bypass

Client: Kerry County Council

AMS have now completed the Stage (i)/(ii) and (iii) on-site archaeological works for the N69 Listowel Bypass. These works commenced in November 2018 and were completed in August 2019.

They included:

  • Standard Test Excavations
  • Test Excavations in Wetland
  • Archaeological Excavations
  • Underwater Surveys
  • Built Heritage Surveys
  • Townland Boundary Surveys
  • Aerial Surveys
  • Palaeo-environmental Coring

AMS are currently producing the Stage (iii) and (iv) excavation reports and undertaking post-excavation specialist analysis for this project.

Project Scope

The N69 Listowel Bypass road scheme involves the construction of approximately 3.65km single carriageway new road and 2.3km of all-purpose urban single carriageway on-line improvement and ancillary works.

The tender was awarded on the basis of 70% quality 30% price and is the first quality-price tender for archaeological investigations on an Irish road scheme.

Consideration Factors

The road scheme traverses the River Feale which is the dominant watercourse through this part of Co. Kerry. Archaeological testing of potentially deep riverine deposits at the river crossing was an archaeological risk-factor for this project.

Project Outcomes

Nine archaeological sites identified during the Stage (i) works have now been fully excavated during Stage (iii) works and all on-site archaeological works are now complete.

The sites include:

  • five burnt mounds,
  • charcoal-production kilns,
  • possible cremation burials,
  • a habitation site,
  • a nineteenth-century vernacular cottage, and
  • in a wetland setting, a group of worked timbers (structural beams with mortices) along with the remains of a stave-built wooden vessel.

Public Engagement

AMS in conjunction with Kerry County Council and Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) are actively engaged in disseminating the results of the archaeological investigations and to date events and activities include:

  • A Heritage Week talk on Monday 19 August 2019 at the Seanchaí Centre, Kerry Writers’ Museum, Listowel.
  • An open-day at Curraghatoosane 1 (vernacular house site) on 30 July 2019. This was a very successful event with approximately 160 visitors to the excavation. The open day included presentations and stories of the site and a finds display.
  • Visits to local primary schools.
  • A radio interview (Radio Kerry).
  • Dig diaries – two films were produced showcasing the project.
  • CPD workshops/training days including an INSTAR ‘Seeing Beyond the Site’ CPD event.
  • Poster displays in public buildings around Listowel. (To download a PDF of this poster, click on this link.)
  • A StoryMap of this project can be viewed here.

Project Activities and Finds

The Archaeology of the Listowel Bypass

Download a poster showcasing some of the archaeological finds from excavations along the N69 Bypass. Alternatively, you can read through a StoryMap of the dig.