Role: Project Archaeologist

Kilkenny Abbey Quarter Development

Client: Kilkenny County Council

Project Scope

The Abbey Quarter is a planned redevelopment of 8 hectares (20 acres) in the centre of Kilkenny City, including 4 hectares of the former Diageo (Smithwick’s) Brewery.

In 2016 Kilkenny County Council appointed AMS as Project Archaeologists, to co-ordinate and manage the implementation of the archaeological assessment strategy and to assist in the overall implementation of the Abbey Creative Quarter Masterplan.

Consideration Factors

Kilkenny is an historic city rich in historical, architectural and archaeological heritage. The former brewery site contains the upstanding remains of St Francis’ Abbey National Monument, with substantial subsurface archaeological remains, and a portion of Kilkenny’s medieval city wall.

Project Outcomes

  • AMS prepared detailed individual specification documents for archaeological test excavations in fifteen areas.
  • AMS led a team of Conservation Engineers and Architects to survey the city wall National Monument in the Abbey Quarter and prepare specifications for its protection and conservation during development works.
  • AMS prepared specifications, methodology, and contract documents for a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey in the former Diageo brewery.
  • AMS prepared tender documents for Kilkenny County Council to procure archaeological services for test excavations in the former Diageo brewery site.
  • AMS attended site during the programme of test excavations carried out by Archaeological Contractors, to inspect works and ensure each test trench met specifications.
  • AMS reviewed and approved each test excavation report prepared by the Archaeological Contractors.
  • AMS prepared detailed archaeological impact statements and liaised with the National Monuments Service during the subsequent planning and design of the Abbey Quarter.
  • AMS is currently part of the design team for the public realms works surrounding St Francis’ Abbey and the city wall.