Freya Smith

B.A. (Hons.), H.Dip, PGDip, M.Phil

A graduate in archaeology and history, with several postgraduate qualifications in related areas (Osteoarchaeology, GIS and Heritage Visualisation), Freya Smith has over 18 years’ professional experience working within the private and public heritage sectors. The earlier part of her career focused on developing a thorough grounding in all aspects of on-site/post-ex works, desk-based/historical research, writing technical reports and impact assessments, and supervising on-site teams.

Freya also has extensive project management experience, having worked over an eight-year period managing archaeological/heritage aspects for light rail, metro and road projects for the RPA and NRA (now merged into the TII). More recently, following two years of post-graduate study in the theory and practice of Digital Heritage Visualisation (focusing on GIS and 3D Visualisation), Freya worked in this field as a Research Fellow in the School of Histories and Humanities, TCD. She is also a qualified osteoarchaeologist, experienced in co-ordinating cemetery excavations and undertaking specialist analysis.