Positions Available

Built Heritage / Architectural Heritage Specialist

Archaeological Management Solutions Ltd (AMS) is currently seeking an experienced built/architectural heritage professional to work with their Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Team. It is intended to appoint the successful candidate in early March 2021. This will be a permanent fulltime position following an initial 6-month probationary period.

Key tasks and responsibilities  

Key tasks and responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Working with a small team of archaeologists and other heritage professionals in the delivery of EIA-related built/architectural heritage assessments and surveys;
  • Preparing built/architectural heritage desk-based assessments, built/architectural heritage elements of EIA screening and scoping reports, constraints studies, built/architectural heritage element of route selection reports and the built/architectural heritage element of the cultural heritage chapters of EIA Reports (EIAR’s);
  • Undertaking built/architectural heritage surveys and assessments for proposed developments, including one-off small-scale developments, as well as major infrastructure projects such as housing, road, rail and pipeline schemes;
  • Preparing measured surveys, plans and elevations of built/architectural heritage;
  • Preparing photographic surveys of built/architectural heritage;
  • Preparing written descriptions of built/architectural heritage assets;
  • Carrying out significance assessments of built/architectural heritage assets and likely impacts in line with published guidelines and best practice;
  • Attending Oral Hearings as Built/Architectural Heritage Expert Witness;
  • Consulting with statutory and local authorities and liaising with clients, design teams, other specialists and local communities as required;
  • Working as part of other AMS Teams on projects across the company profile as required in line with areas of expertise.


Applicants should, as a minimum, hold a third-level qualification(s) in architectural heritage/conservation, and/or archaeology, and/or a related discipline with an emphasis on buildings recording and assessment.


Applicants should ideally have a minimum of five (5) years fulltime professional experience in the carrying out the tasks described above, or sufficiently similar, in the Republic of Ireland and/or United Kingdom. EIA experience would be a particular advantage.

Competence                                                                                                                                                          Under Article 5(3)(a) of amended EIA Directive 2014/52/EU, EIAR’s are to be prepared by ‘Competent Experts’. Competence is reflected by an appropriate combination of experience, expertise and knowledge of the latest and most appropriate methodologies and assessment procedures, and by correct interpretation of data, as well as an understanding of the legal context in which EIAs are conducted. Applicants for the role on offer will be subject to an interview (on-line, using Microsoft Teams) and should be able to demonstrate such competence, including familiarity and experience with current EIA processes and relevant guidelines, including but not limited to:

  • Draft Guidelines on the Information to be contained in Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EPA 2017).
  • NIAH Handbook issued by the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht (2017)
  • Architectural heritage protection: Guidelines for Planning Authorities
  • Advice Notes on Current Practice in the preparation of EIS (EPA 2003);
  • Guidelines on the information to be contained in Environmental Impact Statements (EPA 2002);
  • Guidelines for the Assessment of Architectural Heritage Impacts on National Road Schemes (NRA 2005); and
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of National Road Schemes – A Practical Guide (NRA 2008).

Applicants must be proficient in MS WORD, MS EXCEL and CAD. Experience using Agisoft PhotoScan or other structure from motion (SfM) software, photogrammetry, point clouds or LiDAR data, and with GIS (e.g.: QGIS, ArcGIS, or MapInfo, or similar) would be a particular advantage.

The role is primarily based working from home, but undertaking surveys as required. From time to time it may be necessary to work from one or more of the AMS offices and attend meetings at other locations.

Applicants should hold a full, clean, valid driving licence.


Salary is €46,000 per annum.

Closing Date

CVs and a covering letter addressing the above requirements should be emailed to Joanne.Hughes@ams-consultancy.com on or before 19 February 2021.